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Bringing Peace of Mind to the Sourcing and Delivery of your Pet Food Ingredients

We are a trusted, agile and responsive partner that fully understands the requirements of our manufacturer customer base and remove pain points in the sourcing and delivery to ultimately help the customer meet their own key performance indicators.

With over 40 years experience in the food industry, we understand the importance of food safety and quality of product for a manufacturer. To remain agile and responsive, we assign you one contact with full autonomy over the supply and delivery process. 

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"APAC has been instrumental in partnering with us to expand our procurement efforts for our raw material needs. Procurement in itself is a critical and challenging task on its own - one of the main reasons being the huge factor that your network plays. Thankfully, with APAC's expansive network both locally and globally, our options have quickly multiplied. One of the best parts of APAC is really the people working in it to make things happen quickly and excellently. I'm eager to see how much further the partnership continues to grow in the years to come"- Valued NZ Pet Food Manufacturer 


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